Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hello everybody!

This last week has been fun! Yesterday I left the Provo MTC and took the train to Salt Lake. Then I flew to Mexico City and customs and immigration was stressful. Then my flight to Culiacan was delayed and it didn't even have a gate listed for my flight so we had to go to customer service of Aeromexico and figure this out. We took a bus from the airport to the plane on the tarmac and I even walked on the tarmac to board the plane! I slept on all of my flights. They were long. I finally got to Culiacan at 7pm my time, and met the assistants to the mission president. They took me and two other elders, Erickson and Daines, to the mission offie. I met the president and was briefed on the mission. Then I went to our apartment and unpacked a little and fell asleep. Everyone couldn´t pronounce Finkner and they all wanted to learn more about me. Today is my first day in the field. We had a district and zone meeting today and everyone wanted to help me with my Spanish only if I helped them with English and they could speak to me in English. Many missionaries here are natives. They get confused with my last name and appearance. Overall, my flights were decent. I'm adjusting decently too. Tonight we have several appointments with inactives and investigators. Looks like we'll be baptizing a family soon. They have a date set, for October 24. It's really hot here and the computer keyboards are strange. We use umbrellas to walk around to use as shade and we carry little towels around to wipe the sweat away. I'm constantly drinking my clean water. Also, Mom, there's a lot cockroaches here. I found one dying this morning next to my suitcase. Its antennas were still moving. We don't have a washer or dryer so we have to do laundry by hand. We don't have a water heater so we take cold showers. My first area is Amistad, really close to Culiacan. And I'm using sunscreen too. Everyone is friendly here. I'm doing well for now, I think, I only landed in Culiacan yesterday. It's definitely where I need to be. I know it. I'm ready to find my own investigators and get them baptized. I left my camera in the apartment cause I didn't know we were going to an internet cafe today. I'll send pictures next time!

Anyways, hit me up if you got any questions,

Elder Finkner 


  1. Laughing and crying! Always our witty Jandro and so proud of our determined and optimistic Elder Finkner!

  2. Laughing and crying! Always our witty Jandro and so proud of our determined and optimistic Elder Finkner!

  3. My heart is so full! He makes me so proud and he doesn't even seem deterred by bugs and cold showers!!! Elder Finkner, you sir, are amazing!
    Love, Aunt Katie

  4. His letter is exactly what I expected. .....even in his less then best circumstances he has the missionary heart and desire....Alejandro will be just fine....he has "angels around him to bear him up".

  5. I will sound like a broken record, but we are so proud of you. You continue to amaze me with your faith. You are exactly where the Lord needs you.