Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello Everyone!

**Late post from 11/23/15**

Buenas tardes desde Culiacan! 

So this past week it's been a bit slower, we're still trying to contact all of our references so we're constantly walking a lot a lot a lot in the brutal heat. Anyways, I'll jump into the weekly update.

Tuesday- We had a lesson with two kids, and 6 more neighborhood kids joined in on the lesson to hear the message. I wanted to share this part with you all because no matter who we are, everyone deserves the opportunity to hear the gospel. We all can make changes in our lives, whether we're 9 years old or 86 years old.

Wednesday- I went on exchanges with Elder Cortes. He's from Argentina and him and I get along pretty well. He gave me a $2 Argentine peso bill and a tie haha. I made us hamburgers and we bought some coke for dinner.

Thursday, we continued our exchanges and we went to the weekly contacting activity with the zone. I teamed up with Elder Peralta, from the Dominican Republic, to contact people in his area. And....the very first person we contacted is a drug dealer for marijuana. He called us over and we didn't see the pouch of drugs on his lap. He asked us a few questions about the church and we answered his questions and as soon as we had the chance, we excused ourselves and said that we had to be somewhere else. We finished up our contacting activity, bought pizza and ice cream for the district, and had our ward mission meeting. Lots of walking that day.

Friday- Weekly planning session. We planned our goals, who we wanted to focus on, and with the guidance of the Spirit, we planned the lessons that our investigators need. That evening we had a baptism to attend at the church. Afterwards, some of the kids from church wanted to race the Elders. And me, of course, I was sacrificed to represent the missionaries in the races. But to make it fair, I had to run with my shoulder bag with all my stuff in it. I imagine it was quite funny to see me running, my tie in my face and everything haha.

Saturday, we had transfers. My companion will be staying and finishing my training for another 6 weeks. We continued contacting people. We found Isabel while we were trying to contact. She was walking, with a lot of heavy groceries, up a hill with her 4 year old daughter in tow. We offered help, she accepted, and we carried her groceries to her house. Her house was in the same area we were trying to contact in so it just made sense to help her. We introduced ourselves, our purpose, and why we're here. She said that we could come by another time to continue to share our message. That evening, we were walking back to our house, when this lady we've never seen says, "Hello.....elders." And here, when someone calls us Elders, they're members of the Church or they've had contact with the Church before. So we stopped, chatted for a few minutes, and learned that her name is Juanita and she's been inactive for a very long time in her life. I couldn't tell very well but it looked like she was tearing up a little in the corners of her eyes. She seemed really glad to have come across the missionaries, almost like she's been waiting for us. We're going to find her this upcoming week.

Sunday- Game Day! We had a primary program during Sacrament and then after church we went with the Fam Guerrero Gaxiola for a quick bite to eat. Then we visited a few families and we shared Matthew 10:42. A lot of members here are quick to help feed the missionaries or help us in any way possible. So we thanked some members for always offering water or food to us. We reassured them that they will receive blessings for helping servants of the Lord.

Spiritual Thought: Matthew 10:42. Make sure to help the missionaries! They need your help! Whether it's water, food, a ride, anything helps! Also, go with them to lessons! A testimony of a member is always powerful and always helps an investigator come closer to baptism.

Anyways, stay classy Baltimore!

With Love, 
Elder Finkner

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