Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Feliz navidad a todos! Espero que tengan el Espíritu de Cristo en sus vidas en estas fechas...

So this past week didn't go as well as it could have but I'm going to use this past week as motivation to finish December strong and start the New Year off on the right foot.

So here's the update for the week:

Tuesday- we visited Norma, a reference we got a while back in November but we were never able to find her at home. This time we found her, and she seems really good. She immediately got out her Bible and she was ready to talk about the gospel. She has no affiliation to any churches but I feel like she could be a good Latter-day Saint. Later, we visited Angel and Helen, shared a spiritual message, then the Fam. Veltran. We began teaching the Plan of Salvation with the Fam. Veltran, we didn't teach too much, we didn't have much time so we only introduced it.

Wednesday- I don't know why, but I woke up thinking, "Enjoy what the day brings." And of course, the Lord had plans to test me that day haha. I really didn't do anything. We had to go to the church building to do some baptismal interviews and the interviews are long. So my companion was doing the interviews and I was stuck in the hallway waiting for him. I felt really unproductive but I tried enjoying my day. So I learned that I need to work on enjoying my days, no matter how I feel because I'll never get that day of my mission back.

Thursday- We had our multizone conference. A total of 64 missionaries were present and it was more like a Christmas posada with the mission president. It was really fun socializing and getting to know other people. 

Friday- Weekly planning session, then lunch with the Fam. Guerrero Gaxiola. Elder Lugo and I bore our testimonies to Diego and Alejandra (spoiler...they didn't get baptized with their mom this week :( ). We tried super hard to get them to feel more comfortable but we failed. We're going to keep trying this upcoming week. Anyways, afterwards, we bought some mini water heaters for the baptismal font because the water is super cold. And to end the day, we visited the Fam. Medina, and then the Fam. Velarde, our neighbors, to give a blessing to their daughter who was having a quinceañera that night.

Saturday- So we went to the church early that morning to put the water heaters into the baptismal font. We didn't eat breakfast so we went out and found a taco stand. Elder Lugo ordered "tacos de tripa" for us, and I didn't know what tripa meant, I thought it had something to do with the number three. Anyways, I ate the tacos, then Elder Lugo revealed to me that I just ate cow intestine tacos. But it actually tasted pretty good. I didn't even know it was intestine haha. afterwards, we had 3 baptisms. Two for the zone leaders in our ward, and then one for us. We were at the church almost the entire afternoon trying to heat up the water, but to no avail. After the baptism of Banesa, she invited us out to dinner. We ate, then visited Emily, then the Fam. Velarde again to share a message.

Sunday- We had church, and no priests were present so Elder Lugo and I were asked to bless the sacrament. After church, we ate lunch, went home, visited some members, then we contacted a reference that we received last week. The reference is a part-member family, and the ones who are members are less active. After introducing ourselves to this family (Fam. Burgueños), we visited the Fam Lopez Madrid, then we went home. Hermana Banesa was kind enough to bring us some posole from a posada she was at.

Yesterday- we went to El Centro, and Elder Lugo and I went out to eat to celebrate Christmas. We ordered 30 wings, and a ton of appetizers. It was a total of five plates, full of food. But don't underestimate the stomachs of two elders! We ate it all. We washed our laundry, went to Sam's Club to buy some sparkling apple cider for the holidays, and got some haircuts.

So yeah, that's been about it this past week. I'm attaching pictures too.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time you have with your family and remember to put more Christ into Christmas!

Elder Finkner

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