Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transfers! Onto My Next Area

Hello everyone! So this week has been, well, different for sure for me. Last Monday I received a phone call from Presidente Velez that he's closing our area with this transfer. So Elder Uicab and I have had our hands full this whole week, making arrangements for our area so that the other missionaries who'll assume responsibility for our area will have a smooth transition. Also, we made a trip to the hospital for my companion this week, so yeah, this week has been a bit stressful.

So here's the rundown for the past week:

Tuesday, we had our weekly district meeting, then we returned to the house when my companion wasn't feeling good. After a few hours of rest, we decided to go to the hospital. So my Tuesday evening was spent in the hospital. My companion got dehydrated and ate something bad so he had a stomach infection. We didn't get home until about 11pm.

Wednesday, we spent in the house. My companion didn't have energy and still felt bad so we couldn't leave the house. I studied my scriptures for several hours as he slept.

Thursday, the morning was spent in the house. But around lunch time, we managed to make it out of the house to slowly get to work. We had our weekly ward mission meeting as well.

Friday, we planned for the upcoming week even though we aren't going to be here. The planning was for the next missionaries, so that they'll know what to do with the people we're teaching. We cleaned the house, we began packing our belongings, and we passed by our investigators to let them know that we're leaving and what's going on.

Saturday, we were busy cleaning the house and putting everything in order for Monday. We didn't do much else, only a few lessons while we were advising our investigators and some members that we are leaving the area.

Sunday, we had stake conference in the morning. We ate lunch, and then we kept cleaning and packing stuff up. We had a few more lessons, but not too much else happened. It was hard to find people to teach because of Valentine's Day.

As for transfers, I've been called to serve as secretary of materials in the mission offices. I'll be here for about 6 months, I believe, and everyday I'll be at my computer working until lunchtime. After lunch, I'll leave the offices with my companion, and we'll go to work like normal, preaching and teaching in downtown Culiacan. My Preparation Day will now be SATURDAY, and I do have access to a washer machine and hot water for my showers. My companion is Elder Garcia, who is another secretary in the offices, Executive Secretary.

Talk to you all next week, I'll let you all know how it's going in the new area and with the new companion! Make good choices! 

Elder Finkner

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