Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gettin' Down to Work and Stayin' Busy

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing good and staying busy like I am! I'm doing great, I'm really happy, and I'm always looking for ways to help others.

So this week, I'm still transitioning to having a new companion in the sense that I need to teach him the area, show him around to all the investigators, all the members, etc. while planning singlehandedly for us as a companionship. It's a bit stressful with the all the work, but there's nowhere else that I'd rather be at.

Anyways, here's the weekly summary. I'm going to try to start cutting out some of the little small details so that my weekly emails are more efficient and so that I can have more time to write personal emails to everyone who emails me.

Tuesday, district meeting, a few lessons, lunch, a few more lessons, and then dinner with Hermano Guerrero. He invited me, my companion, and the zone leaders over for dinner so we ate lots of posole.

Wednesday, we received a reference from Hermano Sepulveda to visit a friend of his. We began teaching the Plan of Salvation to Enrique Diaz, while Hno Sepulveda accompanied us. We had a few more lessons that day with the Fam Carrillo, a less-active family, then the Fam. Guerrero Gaxiola. Afterwards, we taught Armando and his girlfriend. Armando is Hermano Guerrero's son and he's a member. He's 19 and thinking about going on a mission. This week Hno Guerrero asked me to share my experiences with a girlfriend and the mission, and the blessings I have received. We also managed to put a baptism date for his girlfriend who isn't a member for Feb. 13th.

Thursday, we taught Enrique Diaz again with Hno Sepulveda. We had a few lessons, and we put appointments with Emanuel, the Fam. Lopez Madrid, and Josefina for another day. We then visited Teresita. She's 88yrs old and she's really sick. She had asked us for a blessing, so we went and gave her a blessing. Then her daughter had to leave, so we were asked to watch Teresita for about 45 minutes until another daughter of Teresita arrived. My companion and I decided to sing some hymns to her while she rested in her bed. The Spirit was strong. Probably an experience that I won't forget for a long time.

Friday, weekly planning session, and my companion and I decided to search for some old investigators. With some inspiration and revelation, we pulled about 10 old teaching records, some of them dating back to 2008. We then went searching for these people with the addresses on the records. Just about everyone wanted to resume the lessons. One family told us that they've been waiting and that they're ready for the missionaries to come back. We taught Emanuel and Emanuel Jr, two investigators. We visited the Fam. Ortiz, a less active family, then we went home.

Saturday, taught several lessons. We visited investigators, less-actives, and then we went to eat lunch. Afterwards, more lessons, with the Fam. Burgueños, Josefina, the Fam. Guerrero Gaxiola, and then Teresita and Flora.

Sunday, we went to church, then we went home. My companion wasn't feeling good so he rested until lunchtime while I studied my scriptures. We went to lunch, then we visited Paolita, then the Fam. Burgueños again, then the Fam. Carrillo, then Teresita and Flora again.

So yeah, lots of walking, lots of teaching, and I'm famous too haha. Some kids put a video on Facebook of me and my companion talking to them about the gospel, and Alejandra Guerrero Gaxiola saw it and showed it to us. But it's ok, cause we know where they live and their parents already invited us back to share more about the Church. That's all I got for this week. Talk to you all later!

Love you all! And don't forget, Jesus loves you all too!

Elder Finkner

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