Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting Work Done

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I sure did! I've been learning slowly but surely to keep on smiling and to keep chugging along no matter what happens. I've been improving during my study times in the mornings and we've been visiting a lot of people. Elder Uicab and I have set higher goals for this area. My new companion and I are really good during lessons. Also, I've started to develop a reputation in the mission for being obedient. Some other missionaries were talking about my obedience, haha. 

Anyways, I'll get to the weekly update!

So Tuesday, we had our weekly district meeting. My first full day of being in charge of this area, even though I'm a junior companion. We visited some old investigators and we're picking them back up. Later that evening, we visited Felipe again. He still needs his answer whether this is the true church or not, but I know he'll get his answer. He is sincerely praying for his answer, and hopefully we can put a baptism date for February.

Wednesday, we went to Sam's Club in the morning because my companion has nothing. Later that day, we had an appointment with the Fam. Guerrero Gaxiola, and we talked about faith. We had no intentions about putting baptism dates for Diego and Alejandra, but I felt the Spirit prompt me to put dates, so I followed the Spirit and successfully put 2 baptism dates for Jan. 30th. After the lesson, Alejandra asked me for a blessing of health, so I gave her one. And after this lesson, we went home, planned for the next day, and my companion asked me to make several phone calls to make appointments some members and investigators that I know. I felt a bit nervous to do it in Spanish but with faith, my Spanish was good enough.

Thursday, we did lots of walking. Lots of members gave us references of people to visit, inactives and investigators. So we got to work. One of the goals my companion and I set was to reactivate more members of the Church. 

Friday, was thrown off a little bit. The sister missionaries went to the hospital and one of them who just arrived this past Monday from the MTC needed surgery. So my companion and I decided that we needed to visit them in the hospital and give Hermana Zelaya a blessing. She asked me to do the blessing. It was a little crazy getting to the hospital by bus. I've never been, neither my companion who's been in the Baja his whole mission, knew where it was. But we managed to find our way there. While we were walking alongside a road, a pickup truck with police officers shouted at us, "Elderes, vamos por El Chapo!" which means, "Elders, let's go get El Chapo (a druglord)!" We visited Felipe again and continued with The Plan of Salvation. He's progressing really well and really open. He's learning a lot.

Saturday, we had our weekly planning session. We began updating our area map, we tried visiting a lot of inactive members, but not to much success. The sister missionaries asked us if we could stop by their house, pick up a prescription for medicine, and we ran to the pharmacy. We had an appointment we couldn't miss so we had to hurry and help them. We had a Family Home Evening and we taught about repentance.

Sunday, we went to Church, I introduced my companion to almost everyone, and since he didn't  know any of the members, I talked with a lot of them and made plans to visit them and have them join us in other lessons this upcoming week. We took the sacrament to the sister missionaries, we tried getting work done, but all of our appointments fell through. But it didn't upset me. I kept my chin up and kept going.

So yeah, all though this week was pretty good, I learned to stay optimistic and hopeful. We're going to work even harder this week.

Love you all!
Elder Finkner

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