Friday, May 27, 2016

Crazy Week

Hello everyone,

This week has been busy with the multizone conferences in the Baja California Sur, Culiacan, and Mazatlan. I spent Monday and Tuesdaypreparing my presentation and getting materials for the multizone conferences. On Wednesday, all of the missionaries in Culiacan came together to be trained by President Velez, the assistants, and the secretaries. So I had to give a presentation about referrals, and I spoke for about 15 minutes or so, and I answered questions that some of the missionaries had. I did a good job with my presentation, even though I was a little nervous. Earlier that same day, at 12:30am, I went to the airport to pickup a sister missionary, and I didn't get back until 2am. After the multizone conference which ended at about 2pm, I went to the mission offices to do some work for the missionaries. Finally I was able to eat lunch at about 4:30pm. But something was wrong with the food, because my companion, two other missionaries who always eat with us, and I all got sick. We all started to get sick Wednesday night and Thursday morning, vomiting with upset stomachs too. Elder Garcia and Elder Day, one of the other missionaries went to the hospital. Elder Trillo and I were fine, until Thursday night, when the food finally caught up to us and we got sick too. 

Well Thursday while Elder Garcia and Day were in the hospital, Elder Trillo and I went to work in my area. We visited Perla and Francia and taught about prayer and studying the scriptures. they understood really well and we all felt the Spirit during this lesson. I felt the Spirit help me teach too. Then we tried visiting Abraham but he wasn't home. Then we went to our ward mission meeting. That's when I started to feel nauseous and really sick. We made it home and I went straight to bed. 

Friday was a slow day. It was just one of those days when no one has time to listen to us. So we ended up walking around in circles for a few hours, trying to find someone, at least one person to visit, but to no success. I felt a little bit better with some medicine. Fun fact: I got in some random guy's car and went for a ride

Today, I started to feel better, but after lunch, it made me have an upset stomach again. We went to the Botanical Garden again with the other two secretaries. Elder Finlayson is from Dallas and my best friend in the mission and Elder Flores is from Honduras and was an English teacher before the mission so he speaks English really well. And then there's also my companion, Elder Garcia from Mexico City. I'm attaching some pictures that we took.

I was able to study some church talks this week even through all the chaos. The first is called The Refiner's Fire by James E Faust. The second is All Things Work Together For Good by James B. Martino of the Seventy. I recommend these talks to all. These talks provided me with more enthusiasm, comfort and increased hope. We can find peace in the knowledge of our Savior's atoning sacrifice and that He knows exactly how we might feel for He has felt all.

Ánimo y éxito!
Elder Finkner

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