Friday, May 27, 2016

Empezando el Calorsito en Culiacan

Hello everyone! This week has been a little bit more chilly in Culiacan, it even rained (the first time in months) and it even hailed! People were going crazy here, like as if the world was ending. 

Anyways, not too much has been happening this week. Presidente Velez was in the Baja California Sur the whole week, so we were left to work like normal. I had this Skype-like training session for all secretaries of records (me) in every single Mexican mission, with some Church administrators teaching us how baptism records should be logged and what to do if there are issues. I've been working on sending references, and my last companion, Elder Uicab, sent me a message and thanked me for the references that I've sent. He told me that they've helped his area a lot and now they have new investigators. So that's the reason why I'm working hard on sending references! If I can send at least one reference that turns out to be a baptism, then I've done my job well. I've been working on entering all the baptisms into the system. It's been a busy week, but it also felt slow somehow. 

Our investigators are progressing well. We're still good to go for our two baptisms on April 9th. Yesterday we had a contacting activity in one of the areas in our district. I feel like I'm bad at street contacting, but I was determined to contact several people so I did! I felt successful. I taught some English to our investigators one evening. We had Domino's pizza one night and KFC Chicken another night. I've calmed down with the donuts.

Everything is going well, this week was just normal and not too much has happened. I'm attaching some pictures.

Have a great week all! 
Elder Finkner

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