Friday, May 27, 2016

Just Staying Busy

Hello everyone!

By reading your emails, it sounds like you all are doing well! Glad to hear that. I'm feeling better this week myself. I don't feel sick anymore from that tuna and I've been, well, staying busy at work in the offices and in my area. I'm just doing good.

Some days in my area we walk around for several hours without finding anyone to street contact or teach. The thing is, with 8 streets, everyone already knows us. And they've been contacted already several times by different missionaries. And they say to each other when we pass by, "Those Mormons are always walking by, they must not have anything better to do." Sometimes we walk the same street 3-4 times in one evening. But we're putting in the effort and looking for more new people to teach and invite.

So this week, we had about 3 days like that. The other days we managed to get at least a lesson in. One of those days when we just walked all day, we walked from 4pm-8:45pm, and of course our last plan let's us visit and teach. Of course the Lord tests our faith and rewards us when we're good.  We're still teaching Perla and Francia and they're still on track for their baptisms on May 7th, right before transfers when my companion leaves. We're still visiting Abraham, but we had some trouble this week finding him, he's been busy with work. He's still one of our solid investigators. We visited a less active member, Omar, who was that last plan at 8:45pm that I mentioned, and we had a really good discussion with him. His wife and children are not members, he's the only member in the family. But he has lots of desires to come back to Church and bring his family with him. And in the Book of Mormon, we learn that it's by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass, so with the desires, let's see what comes out of this!

On Friday, we went to Navolato after lunch. One of the secretaries had one of his past investigators being baptized, so we went and accompanied him. Navolato seems like it's a really nice area. It's more in the country, so there's more farms and the people are nicer. The area is bigger and the missionaries there have bikes. I met one of Elder Lugo's converts (he started his mission in Navolato), and actually the person being baptized was Elder Lugo's convert's mother. So it's just crazy to think about the impact we can have as missionaries.

Well that's all I got for this week. Nothing too crazy has happened. I've just been staying busy. I'll write again next Saturday. Have a great week! Make sure to read your scriptures and say your daily prayers! And go to church tomorrow!

Elder Finkner

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