Friday, May 27, 2016

Serving Missionaries and Investigators and Members

Hello everyone! This week has been great, I've been staying busy in the mission offices, and working hard in my area. This past week we had a missionary council here in Culiacan, so missionaries from Culiacan and Mazatlan attended. Afterwards, about 75 missionaries made their way to the mission offices and a lot of them wanted my attention because they needed help with materials, baptismal records, all sorts of things. I literally worked overtime in the office, I was in the office after lunch when I should have been in my area. So I've been busy with other things as well, like ordering materials, entering baptisms into the Church system, and answering and helping solve questions and problems that missionaries in the Culiacan Mission have.

So our area is a little difficult, and it makes it a bit harder when we only have 4 hours a day to dedicate to the area and the people in the area. But we managed to have our investigator, Selene, accept the baptismal challenge. She has strong desires to attend church. She's had health issues in the past, but she has a ton of faith in Christ, and her and her children could be solid baptisms once they get to Church. We just started teaching her.

I eat a lot of Domino's pizza here. I think I've had about 4 Domino's Pizzas in about 2 weeks.

I fed some newly-born puppies. They were only a week old, and they were sucking my fingers because they thought my fingers were something else. I'm going to admit, it was cute.

A boy who's a member in a different ward sells donuts, but gave me a free donut one day because I've been buying my daily donuts from him

We don't have many lessons in this area, on a good week, we have about 10. We street contact a lot and we meet a lot of people. But we're seeing progress.

Shout out to Lydia Lozano for her baptism today back home! Proud of you!

I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Finkner

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